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Family Matters

A favorite Christmas gift a few years back was a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. I like to peruse the headlines and get a feel for the state of affairs at home and abroad. It helps me plan ahead if I know there has been a crop failure or a government regulation that will affect my grocery bill. I like to know what the politicians are up to and what the DOW is down to.

So, yesterday a couple of articles in The Journal caught my eye. The first headline:
"SAT Scores Fall as Gap Widens; Asians Gain" We here at The Gale Academy of Classical Education are always interested in matters of education, so I read on. It seems the SAT scores last year fell for the third year in a row. The combined scores are the lowest this decade and the reading scores are the worst since 1994. The results came a week after the news that only one-fourth of 2009 high-school graduates who took the ACT, the other main college entrance exam, had the skills to succeed in college. "Many observers Tu…

If At First You Don't Succeed

It is a truth universally acknowledged that my man in possession of a garage, will be in want of perfecting that garage.

It began when we moved in, we unpacked our food storage and put it
on the shelves that were in the garage.
The real fun began with taking everything off the originial shelves.
Then tearing out the old shelves and putting up new ones.
Then placing the food storage and holiday storage on the new shelves.
Then, removing all of the above from the shelves, to put down new flooring.
Then putting everything back on the shelves.

Then taking everything off again because the floor was slightly skiwampus and had to be straightened out.
Then, everything was put back on the shelves and the flooring continued...

...UNTIL he realized he had been putting it down backward all along.
So...everything came back off the shelves so he could turn it around.
The youngsters were not amused when they were asked to come out
and put everything back on the shelves.

I think we're finished n…

Cultural Refinement

Last night for Family Home Evening, we went to see a Shakespeare play. It was performed in the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park, downtown San Diego. I chose the play because it was a student production which means affordable. This is important when you are bringing along reluctant patrons of the arts. I hate to spend big bucks when the only return on investment is moans and groans.
In spite of my best efforts,
the youngsters are not big on activities that don't involve wearing damp, smelly shoes worn by hundreds of other people and hanging out with "quirky" characters in a bowling alley or large guns and loud ammunition (hopefully not during the same activity!)
In spite of their best efforts, I haven't given up yet.

So, with the lure of In N Out Burger for dinner, we set out for an evening of high-class entertainment. The production was one of his lesser-known plays. I looked up the summary so I could prepare the family--hoping it had enough entertainment value to keep t…

Birthday Boy!

Today is Spencer's Birthday. I would love to have posted some of his adorable baby and childhood pictures, but alas, I am restricted by the fact that my laptop decided to take a vacation and spend a leisurely week in the HP repair facility--probably kicking back, soaking up the sun even as I type. So, I am reduced to mere words to express Birthday wishes.

Spencer is our fourth child, second son. So he brought balance to our family. Though the girls weren't happy at first, that they got a baby brother instead of a sister, they took about 30 seconds to decide he was adorable enough to overlook this. Scott of course was thrilled to have a brother after many years of putting up with Barbies and playing house and "Pretty, Pretty Princess". Spencer was a delightful baby so it was easy for everyone to love him and he thrived in the loving circle of his family.

He could have ended up spoiled rotten but he just wasn't the type. Every Birthday and Holiday were extra joyful b…

We Had A ...

Cabin Dwellin'

Beacon Rock Conquerin'

Missonary Preppin'

Fire Blazin'

Gramps Talkin'

River Flowin'

Free Fallin'

Water Divin'

Cliff Jumpin'

Dougan Falls Goin'

Bailey Totin'

Birthday Celebratin'

Deer Watchin'

BB Gun Shootin'

Arrow Flyin' Face Scrunchin'

Picture Takin'

Stone Steppin'