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Our little Shayla is growing up. Yesterday she turned seventeen.  Wow! How did that happen?! I know I implied in my last post that teenagers are a challenge, but I have to say Shayla is an exception to all the cliches. She has pretty much stuck to the straight and narrow and I can sleep at night because she has all her teenage fun during daylight hours and likes to get to bed at a reasonable time. And her idea of teenage fun is fixing computers and creating interesting electrical gizmos as well as drawing and painting.  She is happy to help anyone who needs it with  any technology conundrum. And she does so without any condescending remarks. At least out loud. She took a few classes at the high school this past year and one of the things that surprised her was how so many girls hate their moms and complain often and loudly about them. She said to me "I told them I like my Mom, and they seem so surprised." She has a good heart and a compassionate spirit. Another year and she will be off to coll…

The End of an Era

Today is Shane's birthday. As I mentioned previously, he is at Scout Camp--and he is not too happy about that.  But somehow he will survive and we will celebrate when he gets home.

 Shane turns 13. So this marks a milestone for our family as the last of the eight young 'uns becomes a teenager. No more "little kids" in the Gale Family. Luckily, we have grandchildren coming along to fill the void but it is still a big change for us.

A few days before Shane was born, we celebrated the Fourth of July with the neighbors in our cul de sac (that was back when we lived in the house behind the church--as it is affectionately known). I waddled out to see the fireworks and did my best to keep a very excited Sam and Shayla from bodily harm with so many rambunctious youngsters flailing around sparklers and the like. Shane was due on the 14th which happens to be Shayla's birthday and I remember hoping he would come sooner. Partly because I was a bit weary of pregnancy after sp…

Lonesome Dog

I couldn't find Gunner today.  I called and called for him but I  didn't hear the familiar jingle of his collar and tags--
usually he comes a runnin' as soon as I call him. A few steps down the hall brought me to  Shane's room. And a forlorn-looking dog wondering what happened to his boy.

The Truthist

Shane checking over his check-list for Scout Camp... with Gunner's help
I got a phone call from Shane the first evening of Scout Camp. He had borrowed his friend's cell phone. He told me he was sick and had thrown up twice. Thinking over his negative take on the whole Scout Camp thing, I took a moment to mull over whether he was really sick or if he had convinced himself he was sick to get out of it. A few minutes later, I received a text from his Scout Master: "We are taking Shane to the camp med center. Will keep you posted."
I did my best to keep my mom-panic to a minimum while I waited.
About an hour later the Scoutmaster called. Shane was dehydrated.  It had gotten up to 103 and in spite of the leaders' efforts to keep the boys drinking, the wind and their high energy plus the heat had combined to  dry Shane out to the point of illness. He apologized over and over for not making them drink more. I was just glad to know it was something easily remedied. He told me the EMT was…

Happy Trails

Shane is spending the week at Scout Camp. He is the last of our five Boy Scouts so I have some experience getting them prepped for the week of  mayhem, muck and merriment  that is Scout Camp. But, as with all things child rearing--each one is unique and Shane has been especially good at keeping me from resting on my laurels or skating too easily down the homestretch.

Some time back we had this exchange:
Me: You seem to be kind of a "Glass half empty" sort of person.
Shane: What do you mean?
Me: You are more of a pessimist than an optimist.
Shane: I'm not a pessimist, I am a TRUTHIST!

That gives you the general outlook on life that colors Shane's world. There is no "glossing over", no "looking on the bright side", no "the sun will come out tomorrow" for him. It's just cold, hard reality. And to add to his misery, he has a Pollyanna for a mother. So much so in fact, I am about to tell you the bright side of being a pessimist er...I mea…


Mason wore the outfit his Daddy was blessed in.
Mother and Child
Mason, freshly blessed with Mom and Dad.