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March Madness

It's really happening--we are moving. I know, I know, you've heard that before. This time, the selling process is far enough along that I have finished the packing that I started two years ago.  So the Gales are off on another adventure. 
This move marks one of those important junctures in life: The Empty Nest
We are ever so happy that the baby of the family is going to BYU and he is ever so happy that he gets to launch into life right as we are uprooting again. He is planning to room with Sam in Provo this summer and then move into the dorms in the Fall. Speaking of Sam, his release date is June 1st!  Elder Gale will be coming home to a new home and ward. 
That new home and ward will be in Utah. Another interesting turn of events for the Gale Fam! We realized that employment was going to require that Andy travel to serve on boards for various companies and the end result of the job he has is to sell the company and send him somewhere else. So we decided to set up a home base…