Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye-bye Burgerville

Yesterday we had our last hurrah with two of our favorite places. We went bowling at Big Al's (yeah, mama broke 100-- yippee!) and then had dinner at Burgerville.
Burgerville is a regional burger place that uses local, fresh, seasonal ingredients.
And they fry them in grease just like everyone else.
We love their Halibut Fish and Chips. And the Tilamook Cheeseburger.
Their shakes and smoothies are so thick you can pop a blood vessel trying to get some through the straw!
This is where we went for the wedding luncheon after Shanna and Austin were married.
It's that good.
I told the gal at the counter that we were moving to California and wouldn't be back for a long, long time. I even started to get a little choked up saying it.
After we got our food and sat in our favorite booth (the only one big enough to hold our big family--even though our big family is half what it used to be)...the server brought us a jar of Burgerville secret sauce. She said, "My manager told me to give this to you, since you are leaving."
Do you think the tears were too much?


Nicole said...

This is the saddest of them all!!

Nicole said...

This is Scott btw

Nursing School by Night said...

I love that Scott clarified that was him, I was thinking that was something he would say! It will be so sad to leave it behind. But that's why we have the cabin, right? So we have a place to stay when we go back for Burgerville.

marilyn said...

That is very sad to leave Bville. (Maybe I'll go in and tell them I'm leaving so I can get a jar of their secret sauce). We'll miss you! Best of luck! I'll keep reading your blog!

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