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Well, here I am

Like a lot of old moms, I am learning about all this internet technology from my kids. I watched them conquer this frontier quickly and completely while I was still trying to figure out how to type a letter, edit it and print it. They patiently taught me how to "cut and paste", "insert clip art", use "spell-check" and on and on. I would be typing away and have to call my ten-year-old in to help me figure out where that whole paragraph went or show me how to save stuff only to holler for a child again later to help me find the thing I saved! The only thing I could impress them with was my fast typing ability: hard-earned in a jr. high typing class on an ancient and very LOUD typewriter. Thank you Mrs. Woodward in the cat-eye glasses and bouffant hair-do for all the patient typing instruction and the time tests that earned me the respect of my children decades later. Of course I had to stop myself from pppounding on the kkkkkkeyboard as if it were an ancie…