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Identity Crisis

First, let's enjoy the adorableness of this kid. This is three-year-old Shane camping on our stair landing. Such an imagination (that painted fish roasting on the fire--an older sibling's art project he snatched from the Gale Gallery) and that cute little smile! Those simple, care-free days.
Now fast forward to this morning: Me: (Gently prodding Nagging) Did you get the information for your project? How about the seminary reading you were going to do? Oh, and you need to make that phone call for your Eagle Project.
Shane: Um, you need to understand that I identify as Lazy and you are not allowing a "Safe Space" for me. Those are definitely micro-aggressions. I'm going to have to call you out on your mom privilege and bigotry against who I am. 
Me: (Laughing so hysterically I can't answer)
Shane: (Indicating with his hands the area around him) I'm declaring this a nag-free zone. None of your hate speech here. You should make this a place of comfort for me…

Happy Birthday Scott!

I found this forgotten memento today as I was searching for a cute picture of Scott to insta for his birthday. I thought that tiny newborn picture of him was long lost. It is the only picture we have of him brand-new. As we have often told, we were poor students when he was born and we couldn't afford to buy the hospital pictures that were offered. This was the thumbnail pic that was stapled to the order form. I managed to save it and keep it in his baby book. 
I wrote that little poem for him in the early weeks of his life on earth. I was smitten with this little bundle of joy who made me a mother. I typed it up on a real typewriter...Andy had to have it for his BYU classes so it was a fancy bit of technology in our little chicken coop. It looks like I illustrated it as well. I am certainly not a poet or an artist, but that was the expression of my overflowing mother heart. Somehow it survived all of the moves and the chaos of a big, busy family. 
And, yes our joy has grown with…