Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Just Another Gardening Post

Oh hey there! Remember when I used to annoy the world with all of my rapturous writings on gardening? It's been awhile but I was going through the pictures on my phone and I realized  you might be wondering if I even garden anymore and if I do, you might be hoping to see some pictures.
So yes and yes! 

You're Welcome...

We recently relocated to Provo, Utah and I was happy to find a home with a beautiful yard. It was already laid out and planted perfectly to suit the climate and the changing seasons. 
But the garden spot was barren. 

So I have enjoyed 
bringing it back to life.

There was an abundance of tomatoes and we got just enough
hot peppers to turn out some spicy salsa:

And the birds left just enough of the sunflower seeds I planted for a 
sprinkling of cheerful flowers:

 I have some catching up to do so look out!
Some coming attractions:

What I did for my Summer Vacation
Life Lately (As in the past year and a half)
That Nana Life
Renovation Rewind: Provo Edition

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