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Why I Homeschool

One of my little OCD quirks is having a file drawer in my kitchen as part of the cabinetry: pots and pans, plates and cups, immunization records and newspaper articles. So one of my files is labeled: "Why I Homeschool" it holds the bits and pieces I gather in my wanderings that remind me of the bigger picture. If you homeschool, you need to be reminded from time to time why on earth you ever gave up your peace and quiet, your long days of solitude, your soap operas and bonbons (except for me it would be BYU-TV and oatmeal) for all day refereeing, re-learning algebra and dissecting frogs. A recent newspaper article entitled "Passing the Trash" got me riveted back into focus. Apparently, public schools find it such a hassle to deal with teachers unions (aka: The Devil) when it comes to getting rid of teachers who are perves, molesters, or just plain kid-haters, they have to sneak these so-called teachers out the back door and send them to another school. Where they c…

Love Is...

Today Andy and I celebrate our 25th Anniversary. This is known as the Silver Anniversary--(it takes another 25 years to achieve the Gold status!) In today's world this is an amazing achievement. For us, it's a miracle. We both came from kooky families and when we found each other we brought all our craziness with us. We did our best not to be too dysfunctional for the sake of the children but some of that baggage came along with us anyway. Fortunately we are blessed to have eight amazing children who are turning out wonderfully in spite of us. So, here's to the beginning of the Gale Family, and another twenty-five years of loving and learning!

"Love is something more than feelings of the heart, it is also a covenant we keep with soul and mind."

That's Amore!

Twenty-five Years ago TODAY, Andy and I went to the Utah County Courthouse to get our Marriage License! "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." AA Milne "Don't just pray to marry the one you love. Instead pray to love the one you marry." Spencer W. Kimball Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweet Opal

We have lived in the small town of Camas for 24 years. Many people have come and gone in that time, but there are a few "old-timers" who were here when we moved in and are still around. One is a little old lady named Opal. I first got to know her in Relief Society. She was the master quilter. Each year we had an assignment to make 4 quilts to donate to Deseret Industries. This was a big project for a small ward Relief Society, but thanks to Opal, it always got done. She lived in a tiny little apartment a few blocks from the downtown area. Every time I went to visit her, she would have a quilt set up that took up the whole place. She was also our oldest son's primary teacher when he was four years old, and as he grew up, she loved to tell me the same story about him over and over: "When Scott was in my class-- oh my goodness he's growing up isn't he? Anyway, one day in sharing time the question was asked, 'What is the gospel?' and Scott raised up his …

Just a Tiny Correction

After my whole happiness is... blog, I looked on e-bay to see if they had any of those creepy knick-knacks--just for old time's sake. Then I remembered I was right about the Snoopy "Happiness Is..." book (you can see that on if you feel like it), but the statue things said "Love Is..." (same band-wagon, different title). So here's a picture. See, I told you they were creepy.

Happiness Is... Being Big

My first bike was a little gold two-wheeler with training wheels. I rode it up and down the sidewalk in front of our house in Blanding, Utah. I was five and I thought I was finally "big". Big is what you want to be when you are little. Everyone towers over you, everyone gets to stay up later than you, everyone gets to go to school except you. Because they are big and you are little. I have a brother two years older than me. He was always bigger. He had been riding a bike for ages. Now I had arrived. Except he got to ride past the end of the block, and he didn't have training wheels. So, I wasn't "big" after all. I was sure I was ready to take off the training wheels. I needed to prove myself ready for the world of "big". I begged my dad to take them off. He put me off. Two days on training wheels didn't mean I was ready for the next step. I was so sure I could ride that bike without the training wheels-- and I was very persistant and probably …

Happiness Is....

Back in the seventies there was this weird little craze that started with the Peanuts comics characters. Charles Schultz compiled a little book called, "Happiness is a Warm Puppy." Snoopy was on the cover hugging Lucy and it was just page after page of one-panel comics. Soon, the "Happiness is..." thing got out of control. There were cards and posters and stationery (kids: that was in the olden days when people wrote letters and put them in envelopes and mailed them through the Post Office-- an ancient ritual that has been rendered obsolete with the advent of e-mail-- back then stationery was a nice gift you gave your aunt or that your aunt gave you).

But, back to my ramblings: The most disturbing product that came out of it was odd-looking little statuettes of a cherubic-looking boy and girl hugging or holding hands, and then the little plaque said something sappy like: "Happiness is... YOU". They weren't naked in the literal sense but you could see t…

Too Many Princesses

When I was a little girl, my mother was quite creative when it came to Halloween costumes. We lived below the poverty level with a big family (my Dad was a school teacher and we had ten children in the family-- just to clarify). One year she bought a skein of bright red yarn and I went as Raggedy-Ann and my brother was "Red-beard" the pirate. Very economical and fun for both of us. He was swash-buckling through the neighborhood and I was dragging along behind trying to keep my red yarn wig from slipping off my head.

So, one year I wanted to be Cinderella. I pictured myself in a beautiful gown, glass slippers and sparkling tiara. My mother considered that for awhile and then came up with a "better" idea. I could go as Cinderella before the ball. Cinderella the scullery maid. The peasant. The unwanted stepsister. This was a great idea she explained because that was when Cinderella sang and all the little birds came in her window. Cinderella was happy in her rags. And …