Why I Homeschool

One of my little OCD quirks is having a file drawer in my kitchen as part of the cabinetry: pots and pans, plates and cups, immunization records and newspaper articles. So one of my files is labeled: "Why I Homeschool" it holds the bits and pieces I gather in my wanderings that remind me of the bigger picture. If you homeschool, you need to be reminded from time to time why on earth you ever gave up your peace and quiet, your long days of solitude, your soap operas and bonbons (except for me it would be BYU-TV and oatmeal) for all day refereeing, re-learning algebra and dissecting frogs. A recent newspaper article entitled "Passing the Trash" got me riveted back into focus. Apparently, public schools find it such a hassle to deal with teachers unions (aka: The Devil) when it comes to getting rid of teachers who are perves, molesters, or just plain kid-haters, they have to sneak these so-called teachers out the back door and send them to another school. Where they can continue their careers in ruining children's lives. THAT is one of the many reasons I homeschool!


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