Good Times

We got back from Utah a few days ago. It was a grueling drive but well worth it. We swung through Rexburg to drop off Shayla and Seth for OYA. Then we drove on down to Provo--where we got to see our older kids who are there working and/or going to school. Always a pleasure! While we were there we took the two younger boys to see some of the local attractions.

The picture below is Shane and Andy on the ski lift at Park City. As I was taking this picture Shane was saying: "I'm sorry, I admit imminent death makes me tense!" He kept his eyes closed for most of the ride to the top. He and Sam had a blast sliding down though. Then Sam and Andy went on the Alpine Coaster while Shane tried out the maze.

The next day we hiked up to Timp Cave:

After the Ranger told the story of the Indian Princess who threw herself off a cliff to save her tribe and now her heart is a formation in the cave... Shane said (in what he thought was a whisper but actually echoed loudly off the walls) "That story sucks."

We finished the tour and skulked out of the cave trying not draw anymore attention to ourselves. The hike down was much quicker and Shane had renewed energy after cooling off in the cave.

Sam found a lucky nickel on the way down.
We also went to Lagoon-- it was fun to have Siara, Shanna, Austin and Spencer with us for that. It was pretty hot but we had a good time anyway.


Nicole said…
Amazing Shane quotes!! I laughed long and hard. Sorry we weren't able to enjoy in what sounded like one of the better Utah family vacations!! We're going to Niagara Falls next weekend so we'll have our own adventure I suppose.

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