Jobless AND Homeless

Wow! A lot has happened in one short week. Last week some people from California looked at our house and this week they decided they want to buy it. So we signed papers on Saturday. I was at Union High School for a FIVE STAKE YOUTH CONFERENCE. It's all in capitals because that is how it has overrun my life for the last many months. It was a smashing success despite the fact that it was 100 fetching degrees on Saturday. We had some fantastic teachers for the workshops and a fun dance/kareoke/games night. We had 850 kids there from Longview to Washougal. And somewhere in the middle of that, Dad showed up with a notebook. "Hi honey those people who saw our house last week want to buy it. Are you OK with this for a price?"
As of August 10th we will be out on the street.


Shanna said…
I really can't believe that it already sold. I'm really happy, but I also want to cry my eyes out at the same time. I am glad that the youth conference went so well though!!

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