An Unusual Encounter in the QFC Parking Lot

I have been a little preoccupied with packing and preparing for the big move so I haven't written for awhile-- for that, gentle reader, I apologize. But let me tell you of an odd experience I had today. I ran to the store for milk and watermelon--the two summer staples of the Gale Family. I also picked up some "trail mix"--no sugar, no salt because I have been eating only fresh, unprocessed, pure and natural foods of late. (And I have lost TEN POUNDS--but some of that might be because of all the frenzied packing and cleaning and hauling of huge amounts of heavy stuff to the D.I. trailer). If you want to see what changed my life go to: Wow-- I really got off on a tangent there.

So, as I was heading to the car, a young man was walking toward me. I went into full alert. (A little known fact: my Dad taught me karate when I was a wee lass and I have an automatic response to someone approaching my personal space--just a warning--don't ever sneak up on me unannounced. I can't be responsible for my cat-like reflexes in the face of perceived danger!) But, back to the guy walking toward me. He began to talk: "I feel awkward telling you this but my car broke down and I tried to call someone but I can't get ahold of anyone. Can you help me? Even just some change would be great." I observed him closely as he talked, simultaneously sizing him up to see if I could throw him on the ground and beat the living daylights of him with the large watermelon I had in my arms, if necessary. He was clean-cut and well-dressed, tatoo on right side calf, some redness in his eyes.

I faced him and looked him in the eye and replied: "I have read about people like you scamming people for money-- are you lying to me?" "Oh no, my Grandpa lives up on the Lewis River, I am from around here, I just need help-- I can't get my car started..."
I said, "My husband is out of work and we have 5 kids that depend on us for food--if I give money to a scammer, I'm taking food out of their mouths."
I put my groceries in the car and then I took a dollar out of my purse. He had started to walk away. I said, in my firm, no-nonsense Mom Voice: "I'm giving you this because I believe in the Bible and it says 'Turn not away the beggar', if you are lying to me, let God be the judge." He looked at the ground and mumbled a thank you and walked away.


Shanna said…
Mom!! I can't believe you actually said that to a guy. Maybe he'll change his ways and convert and he'll attribute it to the crazy lady that scolded him in the parking lot. =)

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