Another of My Favorite Things: My Grandma Rocker

Andy bought this for me at a little shop called "Cabin Fever"! It's sturdy and comfortable and has deer antlers carved into the sides. I call it my Grandma Rocker because I hope to rock many a grandbaby in it (all in good time--no hurry kids). Since Scott and Nicole have our first on the way, I thought it would be fun to do a little flashback today...back to when I was expecting Scott. Here's a journal entry from July 1983:
"Andy has a night class until 8:00. It's so quiet around here I thought I'd take some time to write. The thing that has been on my mind most lately is the excitement and aches and pains and emotions of being an expectant mother. I feel the baby moving ALL the time --I'm afraid we're going to have a hyper-active child on our hands! Sometimes I almost cry to think how amazing it will be to hold our baby in my arms. Then I think of the responsibility and wonder about my capabilities. My 'out-of-balance' physique is a little hard on my back. It's a new experience to have so many aches and pains I've never thought of before. Sometimes I feel like an arthritic old lady. I keep telling myself it's all worth it--but it's not easy! Andy is pretty understanding, I feel sorry for him having to put up with me and sometimes I know I get on his nerves with my crazy emotions--but I guess the expectant Daddy has to have his trials too! He works so hard studying and fixing up the house and doing yardwork--plus his job. I wonder what I did to deserve a companion like him.
And one from August 1983:
"I've been working full time as usual. Right now I am trying to train Alice to take over my job when I have the baby. It's harder work than I thought it would be. Being pregnant doesn't help in the area of being comfortable--I'm beginning to feel pretty awkward, and my ankles swell like crazy (back to 2008--yeah the puffy ankles were NOT pretty!) which can be pretty painful sometimes. It's certainly worth it to me but it's no picnic."

So there you have our little flashback for today. And can I just say, there were some other stages of Scott's upbringing I could sum up with that last sentence: It was certainly worth it to me but it was no picnic. You know I love you Scott and I hope someday you have a child just like you. And when you do, bring him to me so I can spoil him rotten...and rock him in my Grandma Rocker.


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