The Cat With No Name

This is our other cat. He hasn't quite reached Awesome status yet--he's working as an apprentice to Master Lucy and so far he has progressed from "Tolerable" to "Not Entirely Unlikeable" to "Quite Nice" level. If he takes his training seriously he will make it to "Awesome" in a year or two. This cat came to us by the process of elimination. Shane got two kittens for his 7th birthday from my sister whose cat had a big litter. Shane named one Ferrari (after the Italian car), Shanna named the other one Florence (after the Italian city). Ferrari got a case of wanderlust and took off to see the world. We got a postcard from him and a few late night phone calls asking for money but then we never heard from him again. Florence managed to have a litter of kittens before we got her to the vet (the strumpet!). Two of them lived and we gave one to a family in the ward. Then we were left with Florence and her kitten. The kitten drove poor Florence crazy-- he (ok, we assumed it was a he but you know my track record on that!) wanted to play and wrestle and fight constantly. She would try to have a peaceful snooze in a sunny spot and the kitten would pounce on her growling and biting. She finally had enough and disappeared. So that left us with the kitten...but he was about half-grown by then and yet, we still called him 'Kitten'. I told the kids it was time to give the cat a name. They couldn't agree on one. I told them if they couldn't come up with a name, I would name him Snicklefritz. They were so apalled at that thought, they frantically tried to come up with something--anything but SNICKLEFRITZ! The debate raged on for oh, 20 minutes. Then they went back to calling him kitten.

So he is the cat with no name. If you have any suggestions let me know. It would be nice to have a name to put on his "Awesome Cat" certificate when he earns it.


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