The Eagle Has Landed

Our Newest Eagle ScoutSpencer flew home this weekend for his Eagle Board of Review (Even though he's an Eagle, he didn't literally FLY home--he took Southwest airlines). He passed the board so now he just awaits the official word from National Eagle Headquarters ...or whatever they call it.

These pictures are from his Eagle Project
Here you see Sam awaiting instruction from his big brother.

The Volunteers-- minus all the Cub Scouts we took home early because they were hammering everything in sight.

Thanks for helping, Dad!
(If he looks a little haggard it's from working so hard on the cabin!)

Even Shanna was there!

"HI HO, HI HO, It's off to work Shane goes!"

The final result gets the THUMBS UP from Seth
(He keeps trying to delete this pic but I think it's a keeper!)


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