Freaky Friday

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving Feast yesterday...
...and from the other end of the table.

Shane thought this was a really funny pose--note the drool. He goes all out for his art.

In other news, Dad and I got up at 3:30 am to hit the stores by 4:00. That was after listening to the Thanksgiving merry-making of the children late into the night.
Overheard from the kitchen:
Seth: Tomorrow I'm going to the dollar store. I'm going to ask them "How much for this?" "One dollar" "OK, How much for this?" "One DOLLAR!" "Well, how much is this?"
Shane: And when they chase you out of the store, I'll be start crying and I'll say "Leave my special-needs brother alone you jerk!"
That's the sort of humor you get at 1:00 am.

We've never done the Black Friday Door Buster Bargain thing before--that was an interesting experience. The parking lot was JAM PACKED! I made my way through the crowd for the three items I wanted, got in line, paid for them and got out. Dad helped me get them to the car. We drove over to Wal-Mart--it didn't open until 5:00am--and there literally was not a parking spot available anywhere in the vicinity. We are amateurs--we gave up and came home. And went back to bed.


Scott said…
I also managed to pull my trash out of bed to keep my Black Friday streak alive(3 years running). People screaming at eachother and accusing everyone of cutting in line. Sleep is much better.

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