Free Gift With Purchase

When we took our first tour of the cabin, we noticed that although the owner had not lived there for many months, he had left a lot of junk in the cupboards and drawers (and some old food in the 'fridge--which looked like it might come to life and strangle someone). When we bought the cabin, we had a standard contract that required him to leave all of the appliances. I wanted to specify that he had to clean them up as well, but Andy didn't want to go too far and make him change his mind. So the day came for us to move in and we noticed that he had hauled off with the appliances. He had been fastidious enough to put most of the junk and rotting food into about 10 old trash cans-- which he left for us to get rid of.
But he did leave lots of boxes of tissue stashed about the place in various cupboards and drawers. We were so delighted with this we didn't even complain about the trash or the missing appliances.


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