Dad vs The Tree

This year, we decided to try the U-Cut experience to get our tree. Here you see Sam with the Ten Foot Pole searching for the perfect tree.
Shayla is doing her Mary Poppins impersonation.
After traipsing all over the lot, we found the perfect tree--
right next to where we parked.

Dad was not happy that they would not allow the use of chainsaws.
Because a twelve foot tree has a really big trunk.
After sawing, and sawing and sawing, the youngsters tried to help
by pushing the tree over.

Finally, after more sawing and sawing and sawing,
Dad got the tree over.

This is Dad returning the wimpy little saw they forced him to use.

He really didn't enjoy the U-Cut Experience in spite of the hopeful tree-shaped sign.

Dad did vanquish the foe and we somehow managed to wrestle the tree onto the top of the car.

It was all worth it!


Shanna said…
Oh my I am so excited for that cute tree in the cabin!!! We can't wait to come home.

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