Just In Time for Christmas

Shayla got herself off the naughty list. As you recall, she started out the school year with a bang by getting herself in detention. Recently, she got called to the Principal's office and her heart sank. Then her mind began to race as she tried to recall if she had violated any rules or regulations. When she arrived, she was handed a pin and the following letter:

"Dear Shayla Gale,
Congratulations on being selected this month for the Camas High School CLASS Award. Each month, a staff member can choose one student who exhibits such outstanding characteristics as academic excellence, citizenship, improved effort, and leadership. As an honoree, you are also the recipient of a Camas CLASS pin, which symbolizes that you are an important person to our school. While you may be nominated more than once during your high school career, you will only receive one pin.
You were selected to receive this honor this month by Mr. Marshall.
Once again, congratulations. May this award inspire you to continue being one of the positive students who make a difference on our campus.
Go Papermakers!"

So, you are probably wondering which of the above-mentioned outstanding characteristics she exhibited. As she was so recently a delinquent, you might be surprised as we were that she had managed to pull herself up from the depths of depravity so quickly and turn her life around. How did she do it?

By placing a plastic water bottle in the recycling bin.
Shayla, you are an inspiration to us all.

(But remember--you only get ONE pin. Don't even think of asking for another.)


Shanna said…
hahahahahahaha Mom your palpable sarcasm is the best part of this. The detention incident should be totally forgiven considering such a high honor.

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