Wish You Were Here

Christmas this year didn't turn out quite the way we planned. Thanks to mother nature and over-stressed airlines, Shanna and Austin weren't able to get here for our family Christmas.
I laid on my closet floor and cried until my ears filled up with tears. Then I realized that wasn't any way to spend Christmas.

And my ears were wet.
We had to somehow muddle through without our Nunny and her Hubby here with us.
Bailey made our Holiday cheery and bright. This was the little dolly Sant brought for her. Shane was VERY happy with the giant Calvin and Hobbes books he got.
Siara in her pirate pantaloon pajamas.

(Shanna...ummm...yours are like this too. Matching jammies are a tradition!)
Can you say "MONKEY SLIPPERS!"
Mmmmmm Mashed Potatoes
Our traditional ginger-bread house. The other part of the tradition that developed with the younger four boys: we blow it up.
Thanks to Scott's engineering talent we found a way for Shayla to get the angel on the tree.
The angel has landed
An aerial shot of the cabin...Grandpa and Sherrie were here.
The Christmas Eve feast
There's a big hole in the stair picture where Shanna and Austin should be!
We LOVE you!!
Merry Christmas!!!!


Shanna said…
I'm crying again. But in a happy way because it looks like your dream Christmas in the cabin was still amazing!

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