Christmas Clearance

These are the final markdowns on our Christmas Memories...
The snow has melted away and the older kids are back to school and work. It all went by too quickly! But we can bask in the glow of these good times we had so recently:Our snowman--hairstyle courtesy of Siara
Siara, Shayla and Shane sculpting the masterpiece.

Contemplating the perfect placement of the carrot nose.

That's a whole lotta snow! More than we have EVER seen here.

How sweet it was to see our son with his little daughter.
(How cute is that little bunny jacket?!)

We were so lucky to have our own in-house stylist!
Siara took Seth from shaggy to sharp in a short time.
(You can see he loves the pink hair clips!)
Look how thick the layer of ice is on the car--this was due to the raging east winds.

Uncle Shane getting his turn with little Bailey.

Bailey in her Christmas Elf outfit.


Shanna said…
I love the picture of Seth holding Bailey! It just looks so natural for him, so cute!

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