Date Night

Tonight was date night. An evening set aside once a week for My Guy and I to spend a little time away from the youngsters. An opportunity for them to show their self-sufficiency by making odd food concoctions and leaving the crusty dishes all over the kitchen. Tonight we went to Roots for dinner--and I ate some roots (carrots) and some other delicious stuff. So did My Guy. Then we came home.

We had planned to watch a movie. It required a Clearplay filter so we started what we thought would be a quick process to download said filter. But no, it turned into an ordeal. Remember how we have dial-up Internet? And how it's really really really slow? But, we do have a laptop and some fancy satellite thing that beams in the internet. That didn't work either. My Guy became mildly annoyed. He stomped up the stairs to try and load the filter. Then back down the stairs to put it in the clearplay DVD player and see if it would work. Then he stomped back up the stairs to try it again. He is certainly not a giver-upper! And at last, he did conquer the Clearplay filter and it did bow to his superiority and sheer force of will. And we did enjoy the movie--well sort of--I have high expectations for westerns and this one fell short. But the Clearplay filter worked brilliantly.


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