How Do I Love Thee...

In celebration of our 26 years of wedded bliss, today I have a list for my husband:

26 Things I Love About You

1. You served a faithful mission among people that I love. Then married me in the Salt Lake Temple for Time and All Eternity.

2. Scott

3. Siara

4. Shanna

5. Spencer

6. Seth

7. Shayla

8. Sam

9. Shane

10. You sing Josh Groban songs to me on our way to the Temple.

11. You hold my hand when we are out together--even at Costco.

12. You tell me I'm hot. Even though your sight is dimming at the same rate as my youth.

13. You have to wear reading glasses--it means we are growing old together.

14. You flex your biceps for me.

15. You can install a toilet or a tub or a shower. You can do electrical work and tiling--pretty much anything when it comes to home improvement.

16. You don't mess around once you start a project--you just get it done. You have made every place we've lived beautiful and comfortable.

17. You know the lyrics to a million random songs from the 60's right up to today. And sing them at random moments to fit the occasion.

18. You eat anything I make and never complain, and compliment my cooking to the children.

19 You are financially responsible and have given me security all the years of our marriage. Your careful planning is the reason we haven't suffered through this past year of unemployment.

20. You are the voice of reason when I am upset.

21. You make me laugh. I mean that in a good way.

22. You try really hard to understand me and figure me out--your efforts are duly noted--though you know it's a lost cause.

23. You have always been outstanding in your field of work. We have traveled the world together and dined with captains of industry. We have had amazing adventures at home and abroad. I have seen you converse in the language of business with people from far and wide. I see the respect they have for you and the way you put them at ease.

24. You bought a run-down cabin and made it beautiful and comfortable because it was my dream.

25. You have kept the faith and been an example of a worthy Priesthood bearer to our children. I see the love and dedication you put into every church calling--from Bishop, to Gospel Doctrine Teacher to Home Teacher.

26. You have given me the first 26 years of an Eternity with you that I look forward to.


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