Thank You

Dear Siara and Shanna,
Thank you so much for the lovely Mother's Day gift.
It was so fun to get a package in the mail. And the gift
was wrapped so beautifully I almost didn't want to open it!But I did. The necklace is soooo pretty and I wear it all the time.
You are sweet and thoughtful daughters
and I am lucky to be your Mom.
Love, Mom

PS I wanted to send you a proper "Thank You" but I have not, as yet, found my Thank You Note Collection. I know as soon as I break down and buy some more, the next box I open will have them in it! Hopefully this will suffice for now and I will send a note along to you as soon as I find them.


Mariel said…
That's such a cute idea! You have a lovely family!

Just stumbled on your blog...


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