Mom 101: Blessed are the Peacemakers

What you see here is a great idea gone bad. In my desperate attempts to promote love and kindness amongst my children, I had this trophy made. I thought it would be a nice way to motivate the youngsters to be kind to each other. Maybe along the lines of the Nobel Peace Prize. The plan was for it to be a "Traveling Trophy" that would go to the person each week who best exemplified kindness and respect toward his/her siblings. Maybe even sacrificed their own selfish wants for the good of another.
Take my advice: Don't turn peacemaking into a competition!
Before it was even awarded for the first time, two kids (who shall be nameless) fought over the trophy and it ended up broken. This was the argument that ensued as they tugged the trophy back and forth between them:

"I was the nicest this week."
"No, I was! You cheated!"
"No I didn't you lier! I win the trophy!"
"Give it to me--I was the peacemaker!"

Hmmmm. Not exactly what I had in mind.


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