Mom 101: Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire

Prayer is a big part of our lives. As a mother of many, I would not survive without a lot of Heavenly intervention. I am usually running on a wing and a prayer, praying for mercy and praying to change the things I can, accept the things I can't and the sanity to stop trying to change the things I can't even though I really think Moms should have all power and be able to rule and regulate all aspects of the lives of their children. Amen.

So, naturally, there are many opportunities each day for our children to see and hear prayers from the time they are old enough to sit up and look around. Besides getting help with their own prayers each day, they also could observe the blessing on the food at each meal, morning family prayer, evening family prayer, prayers at church at the beginning and ending of each class and meeting and so on. This instilled in each of our children an early desire to pray and for the most part, an understanding of the sacred nature and importance of prayer.

A little side note: One night I went in to tuck Spencer in and help him with his prayers. He knelt by his bed, folded his arms and bowed his head and then ... silence. After a long pause, I said, "I can't hear you--are you going to say your prayers?" and he said, "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Heavenly Father."

Ok, back to the story: By the time #7 came along, the rotation for turns to be voice for the family prayers was a little long. Sam wasn't happy with this arrangement. He was two years old and felt that he should get to say the prayer every time. Even if it was someone else's turn, he would pray along with them. I indulged him and didn't stop him--figuring it was a good thing that he wanted to pray. Well, this was fine as long as we were at home--but then there was church.

It got to the point where he thought he should get to go up to the pulpit and say the prayers at church as well. I literally had to hold onto him to keep him from bolting to the front while yelling "My turn for prayer! I want to say it!" I had to distract him when it was time for the opening and closing prayers to keep him from noticing.

One Sunday we were visiting my sister's ward for a baby blessing and it came time for the closing prayer. Sam saw someone else going up to give the prayer and he started hollering, "I want to say the prayer! MY TURN!!" and trying to get away from me to go up there. I had to pick him up and carry him out of the chapel and he kept twisting and yelling in full two year old meltdown. He was still crying when people started leaving. Someone said, "Oh, what's the matter little guy?" and he said with all the indignance he could muster:
"My Mom won't let me pray!"


robert said…
I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but your last story gave me a great laugh. Ah, the "terrible two's!"

Your title is what caught my eye this morning. "Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire," James Montgomery's hymn, gives us a wonderful description of prayer. And I trust your boy never loses that desire to pray.

To learn more about the history of the hymns we sing, including this one by Montgomery, you can check out my daily blog on hymn history, Wordwise Hymns.

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