If At First You Don't Succeed

It is a truth universally acknowledged that my man in possession of a garage,
will be in want of perfecting that garage.

It began when we moved in, we unpacked our food storage and put it
on the shelves that were in the garage.
The real fun began with taking everything off the originial shelves.
Then tearing out the old shelves and putting up new ones.
Then placing the food storage and holiday storage on the new shelves.
Then, removing all of the above from the shelves, to put down new flooring.
Then putting everything back on the shelves.

Then taking everything off again because the floor was slightly skiwampus and had to be straightened out.
Then, everything was put back on the shelves and the flooring continued...

...UNTIL he realized he had been putting it down backward all along.
So...everything came back off the shelves so he could turn it around.
The youngsters were not amused when they were asked to come out
and put everything back on the shelves.

I think we're finished now.


pcnerdy said…
Hah! My Dad would have quit at skiwampus mode and probably never finished the flooring project. ;)

He would have put up a killer shelving system though.

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