I have always loved the scriptures--my first "very own scriptures" was a tiny, white New Testament that the Gideons handed out to us one day after school as we stepped off of school property onto the public sidewalk as we headed home.
I carried that little book around with me and read it.
Later, my Hansen Grandparents gave me a triple combination on the
occasion of my graduation from Primary.
I chose the white one and was thrilled to see my
name in gold lettering on the cover.
I carried that triple with me to church and back every Sunday and
kept it on my nightstand to read at night.
I eventually got scriptures for seminary and those got a good workout with all the practice and preparation we did for Scripture Chase competitions.
Those seminary scriptures served me well all through high school and up through the first 10 years of married life.
Then, one Mother's Day morning, my husband surprised me with breakfast in bed
and a beautiful, new set of scriptures:
These scriptures have been hauled around in a diaper bag and
show the wear and tear of those hazardous conditions:
From time to time a leaky baby bottle or sippy cup dripped on my scriptures

You can see I am a person of 'random' thoughts and ideas and my
scriptures serve as the receptacle for any prompting or comforting. The sticky note holds the words of a hymn that has been my anthem through challenging times. Below are
hurriedly scribbled notes of a Stake Conference when Russell M. Nelson spoke
as well a few scripture references.

Some of my sweet little children took the liberty of
adding their own thoughts and "art" to
my scriptures.

And someone even did some abridging.

But I work around all the battering and bruising of my
precious scriptures. I have read and prepared for many a lesson from Family Scripture study and FHE, Nursery to Gospel Doctrine, Youth Sunday School, Young Women Lessons, Seminary substitute, Stake Young Women Leadership meetings, Relief Society Lessons and
most of all,

Many a quiet morning has been spent immersed in these pages
and the words and the feelings and the light and the knowledge
and the peace and the comfort continue to pour out of them.
My cup runneth over.


pcnerdy said…
Thank you.

That was a very uplifting experience you just gave me.

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