Good Times

This is the original and actual game we played--yes I saved it!
When Spencer was two to three years old, Seth was the baby.
Every day Spencer looked forward to naptime when the hectic
morning gave way to a peaceful, pleasant few hours spent playing
his favorite game:
Or as he called it: "The Matching Game"
(It happens to be a family favorite and each child in turn went through a stage
of obsession with it.)
I enjoyed our time together but didn't share his
thrill of playing game, after Game, after GAME, AFTER GAME.
He also happened to be very good at it--
I didn't even have to let him win.
When our children were little, I was told:
"The days last forever but the years fly by"
Now I know what they were talking about.
Boy, do I ever.
The little boy who mastered the "Matching Game"
will soon get to master the Hmong language.

We recently spent a peaceful, pleasant afternoon
getting him outfitted for his mission.

Now that's my kind of fun.

And we didn't even have to wait for Seth to take a nap.


Anna said…
Peter went to Sacramento also. He went Lao speaking, though. Still a cool coincidence!

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