Instant Gratification

I am a counselor in our ward's Young Women presidency. This means I have the responsibility and the joy of teaching the Mia Maids a couple of times a month. So yesterday, our lesson was "Being a Peacemaker in the Home." These Mia Maids are a sweet, exuberant bunch of girls and they are fun to teach--I don't have to worry about participation. I challenged them to secretly be a peacemaker at home for the upcoming week--some seemed a little skeptical as to whether it would be possible with the siblings they were cursed blessed with. But later in the day I got this text from one of their older sisters:
"ummm..sister gale? wat did u do 2 nikki 2day?
                    cuz...she just made me a root beer float
                     which she never does and I want 2 make
                     sure she didn't spit in it or anythin..."


Shanna said…
hahaha amazing.

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