For Time and All Eternity

The cute photographer got some amazing shots. I realize I am the mother of the bride and can't get enough of all the wedding fun so don't feel obligated to go look at more pictures.
 Unless you want to...they are pretty awesome.
 I'm just saying.
 But then, I am a Mom.

More Wedding Pics...


Larissa said…
Those were beautiful pictures! I pretty much loved everything about how she looked, how the flowers looked, okay so how the whole wedding looked.

Hey I also have some home schooling questions for you...not that I am brave enough to do that route, but I am doing schooling stuff during the summer and then preschool stuff for my middle one and I don't have time wing it like I used to...figured I should go to someone with all the answers...that's you!

I don't think I have your email, could you email me and then I will ask you all my lovely questions!


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