On the Way to Costco

Sam was riding shotgun on the way to Costco today. He's always a cheerful companion to have along. He jumped right in with this as a conversation starter:

Sam: The missionaries asked me to read the Book of Mormon along with (his friend who is taking the discussions) so I have been reading every night no matter how late it is. I read it on my itouch.

Me: (thinking to myself) This is news to me...I didn't know he was reading along with his friend. (also thinking to myself) maybe that itouch isn't such a total time waster after all.

Sam: So I'm at the part where they just got to the promised land. Mom, I really think that Nephi is amazing. You know how Alma is so all deep with doctrine and stuff, but Nephi is all about doing--he just does what he is supposed to. Something needs to be done, he does it. Like when the Lord tells him to build a ship. He's all "OK where do I find the ore to make the tools." He's not questioning whether he can build a ship or not. He does what he's asked and he builds the ship and it's of unusual and fine craftmanship because he didn't try to make it his way, he listened to the Lord and built it right.

Me: (thinking to myself) I think I need to pinch myself and see if I am dreaming. No, that is my 14 year old son expounding the scriptures to me. Enthusiastically. I might cry. NO DON'T CRY.
Me: (out loud) Yeah, Sam you are so right.

Sam: You know it's so ridiculous that Laman and Lemuel just didn't get it. They were so miserable but they didn't have to be. Why didn't they just ask like Nephi did? I have noticed this myself and I already know that it is so much easier to live the Gospel and be happy. I see it all around me--people who are miserable because they won't do the things that bring real happiness. You know, you would think it would be so obvious to Laman and Lemuel when they tied Nephi up on the ship and they were going to go down in the storm, that they weren't the best ones to be in charge!  You know, it's funny that is says they were acting with much rudeness. That would be so annoying--a bunch of grown-ups too-- acting all rude! As soon as they let Nephi go, even though his hands and legs were swollen, he went straight off to pray. As soon as he was back in charge, they were fine and back on course.  So, what do you think happened to Sam after they got to the promised land? Was he just like, Nephi's sidekick? He was always supportive of Nephi and listened to him. But he was older, maybe he died before Nephi. It must have been so cool for Nephi to have one older brother who was there for him.

Me: (thinking to myself) I'm glad I named you Sam.
Me: (out loud) Sam reminds me of Hyrum--the way they were both older brothers and they were righteous and supportive of their younger brother.

Sam: Yeah, that's so true. You know how you say "know, do, become"? That's exactly what Nephi was like. He wanted to know--so he asked. He saw the vision his father saw and asked all the questions. Then, he was all about doing what he was told, you know "I will go and do..." and then what? He became an amazing leader and prophet to his family and people. It must have been nice for God to have someone like Nephi that he knew he could count on. He could ask him to do anything and he wouldn't hesitate and question. He was all about doing what he was asked.

Me: Yeah, Heavenly Father could really count on Nephi.

Sam: For sure.

By then we were pulling into the parking lot. My heart was overflowing.

On the Way Home from Costco:

Sam: There's this company that makes video games (did he say Activision?) and they put out this game that was an online multi-player. But it had glitches like, a gun that if you had a grenade and you took the pin out and put it back it, you could make the gun explode like a grenade and....( my eyes started glazing over...)

Me: (thinking to myself) ok, he's a 14 year old boy.

And that is fine...my heart is still overflowing.


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