You Never Know Who Might Take an Interest in Slugs and Snails

I was feeling a little guilty about  ANOTHER post about my garden. That's how exciting my life is--what can I say. But, take a look at the comment on my last post. You may or may not know her. After she shared her experience, I was sorry I hadn't included the oft-told story of our little slug-eater who shall be nameless. 
I'm sure she would have found it amusing.


Child Family said…
I remember when Scott and I would play in the front yard pond at your house and Shana would eat slugs:) YUCK!!!
mamagale said…
Shhh Jacqui! You weren't supposed to tell--and it was only the one time that I knew about!
Shanna said…
Just an FYI, I no longer eat slugs. Or crayons. Maybe I had undiganosed Pica? And Mom, you got a celeb comment! C Jane actually reading AND commenting makes you a blog star. =)
mamagale said…
Shanna, doesn't it make you feel better that a blog celeb caused her mother consternation with her childhood taste testing too? (yeah, you know me and CJane: bff)

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