Favorite Things

Here's an old favorite:

I mean the apron, not me!

The Landa Apron. Let me share with you the history of this relic. Andy started working for Landa waaayyyy back when Shanna was a baby. It was a great company to work for and he climbed the corporate ladder there from Senior Accountant to CEO. We have great memories of the company picnics: the PIRATE SHIP! Lemonade in the drinking fountains! And great memories of company trips:South Carolina, Washington D.C., Mexico City....Speaking of Mexico City, here I am on top of the Pyramid of the Sun:

That is Spencer in my belly--I hauled my pregnant self up that VERY tall pyramid.
Wearing my big eighties earrings
 and sporting some awesome sunglasses.
I am woman hear me roar. Or huff and puff.

So, back to the apron. One year at the company picnic, they had the executive team frying up the burgers and hot dogs on the grill. The picnic organizers had these aprons made for the occasion. Dad brought it home and it soon became my favorite apron.

A few years down the road, Landa was bought out by an investment company. Eventually, several of their rivals were also bought by the same company. It became Andy's job to bring them all together and form a "Brotherhood of Pressure Washer Manufacturing" if you will. A "Team of Rivals"
A big task with such die-hard competitors.

One way of doing this was to have them all come together for training and to enjoy each others' company. And come to our house for a BBQ.
So I donned the Landa Apron and cooked up a storm.
As our guests arrived, I greeted each with a smile and a handshake.
Some glared at me, some smiled.
It slowly dawned (do you like how I used "donned" and "dawned"
 in the same paragraph? Gotta love the English language)
on me that it was the Landa Apron!
I was turning my husband's Detante into a Waterloo.
Who knew the power of an Apron.

So the Landa Apron could only be used in neutral company.
Until my husband changed jobs.
 Now, it is no longer a political prisoner.
It's free to shield me from cooking messes at will.
And I wear it often--it is not too long and not too short--
It's Just Right .
And very durable--it's been washed at least a million times and it's still going strong.
So that is my ode to the Landa Apron.


Amelia said…
I love it. You have a way with telling history: SO much more interesting than a textbook!
Shanna said…
I want those sunglasses. And that tie. You're a babe, Mom.

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