Homework Humor

The boys had some of my kind of jokes last night during study time...

Shane: "What did the math book say?"
            "I've got problems"

Sam: "One atom turned to another and said, 'Oh no! I've lost an electron!'"
         "The Second atom says, 'Are you sure?'"
           "The first atom says, 'I'm positive!'"


Larissa said…
Oh this made me laugh hard. Upon hearing my laughter hubby asked what was so funny so I read him the joke, he had a good chuckle too.
Amelia said…
They actually made those up? I'm impressed!
mamagale said…
I don't think they made them up...though they didn't say where they heard them. Shane usually gets his jokes from popsicle sticks.
Amelia said…
I'm still impressed because I can only remember two jokes and that's only because they are also my Kindergarten daughter's favorites!

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