Mmmm Pi

Just a side note:
Did you know that today is 2 Pi over 3 day  (2.09)? It will occur at exactly 4:35 PM today.
2 Pi over 3 =2.09435 (February 9th 4:35 pm).
(Today's post is courtesy of my friend Karen's fb posting--she is also a proud mother of geek offspring)

This reminds me of when Scott was in high school and he was a member of some math club (he'll have to remind me what it was)  they had matching t-shirts made that had "Mmmmmm Pi" on them.


Anna said…
What is the significance of 2Pi/3? What is it the equation for?
mamagale said…
It's from a calendar that has an equation for each day and the solution is the date. My friend has two kids that are math majors :)Then, the comic of the day was a similar subject. We just threw it all together into one yummy "pi"!

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