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Andy recently decided that I needed to upgrade my phone. Shayla was excited for me--only because she actually knows how to work all the gadgets and doo-hickeys on it (yes I just said "doo-hickeys" it helps to emphasize my non-tech-savvy status). So she was having a great time setting it up for me and soon turned to possible APPLICATIONS. I had to use the whole word here just so I could make Shayla roll her eyes--she tries so hard to teach me all the hip, happenin', modern lingo you kids use like: apps--but what can I say? I'm old school--that's how I roll.

She sat at the island as I was making dinner and started listing off some possible useful "apps". I was sort of half-listening until I heard this:
 "There is an open sores app that you might like." she said
              "Shayla, why would anyone actually want open sores?" I asked incredulously.
 "Huh wha?" says Shayla          
Well--it turned out she meant "OPEN SOURCE"--a cool app for downloading classical music. So now I can really kick it old school with my Beethoven and Mozart homies. Word.


Melanie said…
I love my new phone, but my children are still not happy with me. I have refused most of the apps and games they are sure I need. My oldest son even told me I don't really "deserve" an iphone if I'm not going to "fully utilize it". What he really meant was that I'm not going to play Angry Birds.
mamagale said…
Melanie, we have the same discussions here about my lack of interest in those crazy apps and games--and yes Angry Birds! Our kids should come up with a silly app that everyone has to have so they will make a fortune and put us in a nice retirement home someday! Oh, and I also got the "this phone is really wasted on someone like you Mom" :)

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