Our little Shayla is growing up. Yesterday she turned seventeen. 
Wow! How did that happen?!
I know I implied in my last post that teenagers are a challenge,
but I have to say Shayla is an exception to all the cliches.
She has pretty much stuck to the straight and narrow
and I can sleep at night because she has all her
teenage fun during daylight hours and likes
to get to bed at a reasonable time.
And her idea of teenage fun is fixing computers and
creating interesting electrical gizmos as well
as drawing and painting. 
She is happy to help anyone who needs it with 
any technology conundrum. And she does so
without any condescending remarks. At least out loud.
She took a few classes at the high school this past year and
one of the things that surprised her was how so many girls
hate their moms and complain often and loudly about them.
She said to me "I told them I like my Mom, and they seem so surprised."
She has a good heart and a compassionate spirit.
Another year and she will be off to college and  before we know it 
she will be getting on with life. 
But she promised me she would be my on-call Geek Squad
so I will have plenty of excuses to call her.

Happy Birthday Shay!


Child Family said…
I was shocked when I read she turned 17! Now that is crazy..I remember when she was a baby! Time sure does fly by.
Anna said…
She will always been an 8 year old to me. I can't believe it.
Child Family said…
I just saw your comment about the Snow's. They are my favorite family in New Mexico, I miss them so much. They are the sweetest and most giving family:) I know your son is still young, but if he marries into that family he will be a lucky guy!

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