The Truthist

Shane checking over his check-list for Scout Camp...
with Gunner's help

I got a phone call from Shane the first evening of Scout Camp.
He had borrowed his friend's cell phone.
He told me he was sick and had thrown up twice.
Thinking over his negative take on the whole Scout Camp thing,
I took a moment to mull over whether he was really sick or if he had convinced himself he was sick
to get out of it.
A few minutes later, I received a text from his Scout Master:
"We are taking Shane to the camp med center. Will keep you posted."

I did my best to keep my mom-panic to a minimum while I waited.

About an hour later the Scoutmaster called.
Shane was dehydrated. 
It had gotten up to 103 and in spite of the leaders' efforts to keep the boys drinking,
the wind and their high energy plus the heat had combined to 
dry Shane out to the point of illness. He apologized over and over for not
making them drink more. I was just glad to know it was something easily remedied.
He told me the EMT was keeping Shane there overnight and that when he
left, Shane was full of Gatorade and sleeping soundly in the air-conditioned Med. Center.

So Shane's dire predictions came to pass: It really was hotter this year.
I'm guessing he will enjoy telling us "I told you so."

I will try not to ruin his moment with the cheerful thought that he got to drink Gatorade and sleep in air-conditioned comfort. 


Shanna said…
Ohh Shane, the forever optimist! =) He will definitely revel in this one for a while. =)
Melanie said…
This sounds familiar. The highlight of my daughter's camp experience may have been the hour and a half she spent in the air conditioned nurse's office.

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