Conversation in the Car

Driving down Main Street with Shane, he noticed a big "FOR LEASE" sign on the front of an old building.

Shane: We should buy that and put a store in it.
Me: What kind of store?
Shane: The Awesome Store!
Me: Really, what would you sell at the Awesome Store?
Shane: Guns, knives and candy.
Me: I think you are missing something...
Shane: Oh yeah! Kittens! And we would tie a ribbon on the kitten and tie a knife to it. Orrrr... we could make up gift baskets for holidays: A kitten, a couple of knives, a gun and some candy. It would look so cute with the kitten playing with the candy. People wouldn't be able to resist!


Melanie said…
I know a certain 13yo who would love the awesome store. He does have an allergy to cats though. Could you substitute a puppy?

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