Stuff We Did This Summer

Some quilting for sweet grandbabies:

Some precious time with this sweet grandbaby:

And his sweet Mama:

Some dog wrestling:

And dog snuggling...

Some changes are coming for the Gale Family:

Some changes that involve packing.
Lots of packing.

The hardest part of packing without a known move date?
Packing up the books.
I want to have them all at my disposal.
Ready and waiting should the need arise
to answer a question or satisfy a curiosity.

So I have done it slowly and reluctantly.
Keeping most of our favorite go-to books out
til the last minute.
Our destination?
Connecticut--you know--the other side of the country.

Then we watched this...
and it inspired this purchase:

Which inspired more of this
around the house (and in us):

Which led to busting out the wheat grinder:

And a real change for the better in healthy eating.
At least for me--the youngsters are reluctant converts.
But I'm getting better at sneaking the good stuff in. Shhhh.

As summer was winding down,
we set up the classroom for a new school year:

And then I decided it was time for Fall.
82 degrees? 

A change in seasons will be something to look forward to.


Child Family said…
I can't believe you are moving way across the country! WOW! I never thought you would leave Camas, and then you moved to Cali. You keep getting farther and farther away. Hope you guys drive safe and love where you live. Are you hoping it will be the last time you move? Is that where you want to end up?

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