Epistle the First

Our first communication from our missionary came today. Seth's cheerful, easy-going adaptability is serving him well--he's off to a good start:

Hello mother dear!
So I wrote you a letter and sent it a few days ago, but today is my P-day and much has happened since I wrote you last.
So essentially it’s awesome here! I love it, other than having a hard time adjusting to the sleep schedule. But, I’m getting better at it. I love all the missionaries in my district! We have way too much fun, it sometimes makes it hard to study when we get talking and laughing, but I figure it’s better to be friends with everybody than not. My companion is way cool, and we get along fine. We make a good team for teaching! I LOVE teaching investigators, it’s so crazy how the Spirit does all the work and I just sit there and let it work!

 Yesterday I had the most amazing experience yet here. Before we were just teaching our teachers who were pretending to be investigators, but we got to teach an older woman who was raised Baptist! She may or may not be a member, but either way it was amazing! I talked almost the whole time and was just pulling scriptures left and right to answer her questions and explain everything we were teaching! I don’t think I’ve ever felt the spirit so strongly, I was floating on air by the end (honestly I couldn’t feel my feet, but in a weird good way! haha) anyway, we get to study so much and its crazy how much you learn and understand in such a short period of time! But I’m having a good time and love it here! It makes me sad that I only get to stay here for 3 weeks, but at the same time I cannot wait to get out into the field and start baptising people left and right! My companion and I have decided we are going to baptize at least 1 million people and convert the whole south! haha at least that’s how it feels when you have the army of God on your side!

 It’s so cool to constantly have the Spirit pouring information into your brain and always receiving revelation when you need it! Oh, and I’m the district leader now! It’s pretty unfortunate, but I think I do a good job, at least with my district, but the paperwork and meetings suck and I always forget to do the little official things, but I’m trying to see it as a blessing.  Anyway, it’s way cool here and I love you all and hope things are going well!  I’m doing fine, so don’t worry.

Elder Gale

p.s. There’s a brother Gale in my branch (an old guy) who served in the Navajo res in New Mexico! Just like dad! haha anyway, he served in Gallup, and I thought that was interesting


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