I Know You've All Been Dying to Know...

...how the GARDEN's doing!

I finally got the camera battery I ordered from Amazon...the same day I gave up on it and bought one at Best Buy. So I am back in business.

And look how the garden has been growing:

The pear tree blossomed--looks like there might be pears in the fall

Cheerful sunflowers...

I kind of love to overdo it when it comes to sunflowers

Luscious tomatoes...
It is very soothing to water the garden while munching on ripe, sun-warmed tomatoes. 

The corn is ready to pick.

If you plant pumpkin seeds in February in SoCal,
you get ripening pumpkins in June.

These are strawberry plants. You don't see any strawberries because Gunner thinks the strawberry patch is his personal snack bar. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening. We don't have any varmints like rabbits or moles raiding the garden because we have Gunner and Ninja on duty keeping them away. So I guess I am paying Gunner in strawberries.


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