Message in a Bottle

Day 7

Our days as castaways are coming to an end. Our S.O.S. was heard and we received a message--not really in a bottle but on the laptop--that we have a closing date! Early Sunday morning I got word that the buyers were coming by for the final inspection to make sure all of the repairs were done to their satisfaction. I was getting ready for our 9:00 am church and still had the task ahead of dragging out two teenage boys and nagging them into their suits and into the car. Could we not have been given a bit more of a warning? I was told it was going to be last Tuesday. Then it was going to be Wednesday. So of course when I gave up and let things fall into post-school, summer's here, frat party mess; then I get the call that it's really happening. I looked around and noted the pizza crusts and paper plates all over the kitchen along with petrified mac and cheese in our one cruddy sauce pan and several styrofoam bowls. Not my finest hour as a homemaker. I gathered up newspapers and opened the front door to take them out to the trash. That's when I noticed the lovely gifts our resident critter catcher had left for us. Not one but TWO piles of rat remains. Ninja had a busy Saturday night. She  likes to leave the severed tail as part of the lovely presentation and if the tail is any indication, one of those rats was bigger than the cat! Added to the charm: both piles of goo were covered with ants.  

Not the front door greeting I wanted for our buyers. 

So I  got to scrape up rat guts with ants crawling up my arms all while dressed in my Sunday Best. But the good news is--things are moving forward and we sign this week! Then we get off this deserted island and head out for our next adventure.  


Amelia said…
Why do things like that happen at the worst possible times? It's like some of us have comedy screen writers writing our lives for us. Do you think people are sitting in heaven laughing at our lives?

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