Fun Facts

We got to enjoy the company of Shanna and that darling little grandson, Mason for the past ten days. It just went too fast because, as they say, "Time flies when you're having fun!".
But, here are some FUN FACTS about that Mr. Mason:

1. He had already been on vacation for two weeks with his other grandparents--basking in the adoration and love of all his paternal relations, yet he was still humbly accepting of any and all affection from the Gale Clown Show side of his family.

2. Mason never stops moving. As long as he is awake, he is on a constant quest to see the next big thing. Nothing gets in his way. If there is an obstacle, he starts climbing.

3. Mason is pleasant and cheerful 99.99% of the time and can be easily swayed to laugh and giggle even during the .01% of  the time when he starts to fuss. He cut THREE MOLARS while he was here and though his Mama will tell you he didn't sleep his best some nights because of that--we sure couldn't tell during the day!

4. Mason finds joy in the simple things--he played happily in a box for quite some time. His happiness was multiplied when his Mama handed him a Fudgesicle.

5. Mason and Gunner became best buddies. Mason was a natural alpha.With confidence and affection, he had Gunner following him around and putting up with tail-pulling in exchange for extra snacks that fell from the high chair or Mason's hands. Mason enjoyed splashing in Gunner's water dish and Gunner enjoyed cleaning up after Mason's meal time. When Mason heard Gunner's collar tags jingle he would say: "Woof woof!"

6. Mason is quite the cheery tourist. We took him to the big city and he took the place by storm with his charm. He had everyone on the train from New Haven to Grand Central smiling and talking to him. He waved "Bye bye" as each person got off on their stop. After a VERY HOT tour of New York, and a short, sweaty nap, he was recharged and ready to do the same thing all the way home.
Union Station: Fun with Uncle Sam

Mason riding the subway like a boss
7. Mason has command of  the full repertoire of fun baby songs with actions. He entertained us with his renditions of "Wheels on the Bus" and "Patty Cake". If he needs to quiet down, we just say "The mamas on the bus say...." and he puts his finger up and replies "Sh, sh, sh.". 

8.He is also proficient in animal sounds and his monkey and sheep are hilarious. 

9. He learned to sip from a straw while he was here--a handy skill to have if you get to go to Shake Shak in New York City!

10. Mason is active in the church. Very active. We took turns letting him get his energy out by running marathons in the halls and the gym. 
Mason going incognito between the pews.

11. Mason is fearless. He went in the pool, played with the dog, chased the cat, stepped out into the abyss of our sunken family room with hardly a hesitation and climbed stairs without looking back. If a door is open, he must go through it, if there is an opening, he must climb into it. He is our own Christopher Columbus, Admiral Peary and Neil Armstrong rolled into one intrepid toddler. 

12. Mason is a "people person". He assumes that everyone he meets is worth getting to know. He will go to anyone and has no reason to doubt that everyone is his friend.
Here he is with Uncle Scott who came to visit too.
13. Mason was born to two awesome parents--he is growing up in a loving and secure home and that is why he is a happy, secure little boy. The joy we feel as grandparents is wrapped up in that beautiful blessing of loving eternal families.

14. It was hard to say good-bye. We drove to the very busy JFK airport and I got out to help Shanna get checked in and up to the security line. Everyone there was very helpful and kind and Shanna got shifted to the front of the security line so I only had a second to say good-bye. But I was so choked up I was afraid I would burst into tears and cause a scene. So I fought back the tears and hugged Shanna and kissed Mason's sweet little chubby cheek and squeezed his little leg as he sat in his stroller. He gave me the little Mason wave and off they went.  It's only hard to say good-bye when you had a wonderful time so I will be happy for that.

Mason with his Mama in Grand Central Station


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