A Very Special Occasion

Our little Bailey is turning four in a couple of weeks and we decided to
 celebrate her special day a little early while she was here.

Her delight as she realized that the cake was for her was precious.

She loved the pink polka-dot wrapping paper and the purple curly ribbon.
It is so fun to see the joy in simple things that our sweet granddaughter

Earlier in the day, she happened to see her (unwrapped) present in the closet.
I hurried to put it up on a shelf and tried to divert her attention.

She said, "That looks like a princess game! Can I see it, Nana?! 
I told her "Oh, I am saving that for a special occasion."
Her reply:
"But I am a special occasion, Nana!!"

Yes you are Bailey, yes you are.


Melanie said…
What a little sweetheart! I hope you got to play the game together.

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