The Calm Before the Storm

Tonight we have Hurricane Sandy bearing down upon us. Sandy is such a friendly name it doesn't seem ominous enough to match the dire warnings we are getting:
Worst Storm in the History of Recorded Devastating Storms.
 We have done what we can to prepare. We have a wood stove and plenty of wood if we should lose power for an extended time. We have a generator to keep our refrigerators and freezers going. We have flashlights and an abundant supply of batteries. We have plenty of hot chocolate and canned goods that can be heated on the wood stove. We have UNO cards to keep the youngsters occupied without electronics to entertain them.

So, before the power goes out, I thought I would post a few pictures of our recent family goings-on.

Let's start back with our trip to Jersey and Philly:

We enjoyed the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the
Franklin Institute. Pretty fascinating to look at the scraps of
scrolls and the jars they were stored in for hundreds of years.
Sam and I like to look at every artifact and read every
plaque. The rest of the family--not so much.

Here's a link to fill you in on some interesting facts about the scrolls.

I liked this ancient bathtub:

Here we are posing with a colossal likeness
of Benjamin Franklin: 

Little Norah trying some engineering experiments:

Miss Bailey launching rockets:

The Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background:

Being right there in the birthplace of our freedom, 
I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the freedoms that we take for granted. 
We are so blessed to live in this country and we need to do our part to
preserve those freedoms for future generations.

We enjoyed some lovely performance art by Bailey with an Autumn Branch while
we were waiting for our turn in Indepencence Hall:

This is the very room where our Constitution was debated and signed.
I was so emotional thinking of those who pledged their lives,fortunes and 
sacred honor in the name of liberty and freedom. 

Mason came to visit with Mama Shanna:

Our three precious grandbabies all enjoying
breakfast (chocolate Cheerios!) at the fun picnic table: 

Mr. Mason behind bars:

Norah's angelic little self
having fun on the swing:

A Princess Kitty Pumpkin carved for 
Bailey by Aunt Shanna and Uncle Shane:

The other cute pumpkins we carved one for Mason and one for Norah 
along with Bailey's:

The Gale boys never outgrow the ridiculous
shenanigans/wrestling that is
their form of brotherliness:

Oldest and Youngest Brothers: Scott and Shane

Pops and Mason testing out the new wagon/wheelbarrow...

And finally...Mason earning his keep:

The wind is picking up so I guess this is for real. I will take some pictures and
let you know how it goes here.
We are well prepared to weather the storm so I'm sure we'll be fine.


Anna said…
That last picture of Mason with the firewood is so adorable!

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