The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get

Sweet Little Trio of Girlies

Gentle Reader, I realize my blogging has been scarce as of late--it's just that we have been inundated with disasters and storms and family milestones and drives to New Jersey and grandchildren arriving from heaven in need of snuggles and cheek-smooshing and other grandchildren in need of story telling and song singing. Not to mention homeschooling decisions and early college admissions in addition to church callings and career considerations and so on and so forth. 
It's always something.

Winter storm Nemo brought us about two feet of snow.
The snow-plow driver destroyed our mailbox (again).
I beat the storm to New Jersey and waited it out there with our son and his family. They were going to bless new baby June that weekend but Pops and Uncles were snowed in in Connecticut. So that has been rescheduled. 
Perhaps for next Spring.
If the snow melts by then.

We caught the fringe of the storm in Jersey and got about four inches of snow.
So the girls bundled up to play in it. Bailey decided her Tinkerbell pjs were just the thing to keep her warm.
 Norah had done some avantgarde face painting with a dry erase marker. Her installation included the office carpet. She's kind of a free-range artist.

Ready to head out. Cinderella Barbie was part of the entourage.

Back indoors, the girls found many ways to entertain themselves and Nana. Here you see Norah in her cat costume jumping over a box (their Dad is doing some remodeling--like father, like son) riding a horse. Bailey's(imaginary) horses are named Lula and Scarlet. When one gets tired, she rides the other. 
Baby June-bug all dressed up for church. June is the most pleasant of baby companions. She is content and laid-back and only fusses when absolutely necessary.
 She is surrounded by love and she is thriving  in it.

The last day I was there, Bailey woke up and stretched and announced
 "Let's have  a Valentine's Party today Nana!"
So we did. She decided  the agenda:
Make Valentines
Tell Stories
Have Treats

So we did.
A good time was had by all.

One day playing "School"
Norah: "Close your eyes and say the magic word."
Me: "What's the magic word?"
 Norah (whispering): "Kitchen."     

When it was Bailey's turn to be the teacher: 
Bailey: "You can call me Miss Bailey or Miss Gale. Or you can call me whatever you want."
Me: "Can I call you Silly Sue?"  
Bailey: "MISS Silly Sue!"     

That's about it for now from our neck of the woods. 
Life is good.
If you need a little enchantment in your life, remember the magic word.


Nicole said…
Ah yes... Kitchen the most magical of words! We had fun with you and are anxiously awaiting (and questioning over and over again!) seeing you again soon!

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