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Here's a quick re-cap of the ongoing adventures of the Gale gang...

First, an adorable picture of that sweet baby June:

Miss June on her Blessing Day
Andy and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary--hard to believe it has been that long. We enjoyed some time in New York City--and that deserves a post of it's stay tuned! While we were
there--during the intermission of "Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark" in fact--we found out Sam was accepted to BYU Provo. There was some mad texting going on between Sam--who was at the Manhattan Temple on a youth temple trip (he was actually walking back from Chipotle with the Bishop at the time; so don't worry--no texting was going on IN the temple!) and Shayla and me. Shayla looked it up for us and announced the good news to Sam and he told me. Perfect timing and much rejoicing. Sam applied a year early and without a high school diploma so we were holding our breath and hoping. He will get a year of college at BYU before his mission which will be good preparation for him.

In the meantime, I was surprised to find that my service was requested as president of our Relief Society. The last two times I was called to fulfill that calling, I had a clear forewarning. The Lord used to mercifully prepare me for things that He knew would overwhelm me. I was humming along enjoying my youth Sunday School class and having fun every month as Cubmaster and never even saw it coming. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. I have lived here seven months and felt at a disadvantage in choosing counselors and secretary but thank goodness for inspiration and guidance. Especially since I wasn't even there for my first Sunday on the job. I was in New Jersey...

...for June's baby blessing--rescheduled after the big storm (one of the many big storms!). We packed up the Uncles Sam and  Shane and made the drive to New Jersey. It was a fun weekend with Scott and Nicole and their sweet girls.

The Uncles with baby June

I gave the camera to Bailey and she got some great shots:

Her Mom--the always lovely and amazing Nicole

Little Sis Norah 

A window and wall composition with construction
paper balloon.

She stood up on the couch for this one.


Shoe shot

Nana and Bailey shoe shot

Baby sister with Nana

That was fun!

I should mention that I have been homeschooling Shane since January. We are starting small with a couple of other kids coming here twice a week for TJYC and some history, math and science.
It was a big decision that I was putting off while I gathered information and resources. It was
hard to start over AGAIN in a new place. But there have been many tender mercies and we
are loving it. Well, I am loving it and Shane is not hating it.
 I take what I can get with the Truthist. 

Shayla has been loving BYU and will be staying for spring term. She has awesome roommates and they are moving into an apartment together after this semester. The big leap from dorm to apartment! In the meantime she has been getting her papers in for a mission. She loves her mission prep class and we talk often
about the many things BYU is doing in their wards and stakes to prepare SO MANY missionaries.
We will be awaiting the news on her call in a couple of weeks. 

And finally, Gentle Reader, 
I am going to be 50 in a couple of weeks. FIFTY YEARS OLD. And as crazy as this sounds, I can only think of the many good things that have come my way in 50 years of earth life. I don't mind the wrinkles and seriously I have only had one grey hair so far. Thank you genetics. (And no thank you genetics for the buck teeth and the greasy hair and huge pores. You win some, you lose some).
So, where was I? I'm getting old and forget what I was saying sometimes. Oh! The wrinkles and the weakening eyesight and the slower metabolism are a small price to pay for the wisdom and experience that I get to take with me For the joys of eternal family ties. The amazing blessings that come with each and every child and grandchild. The peace that comes from knowing my purpose here and having the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to guide my path. I have lived long enough to know that in the tough times, I can find comfort and that it will all work together for my good.  
My annoying optimism wins out and I keep finding Joy in the journey.

And that's why I kept this Christmas decoration up after the holidays.

The view from my window.


Child Family said…
Love reading your posts! Happy almost birthday! cute grandbabies! I can't believe another child is going to BYU! WOW where does the time go! You look like you never age...I better be like that!
Anna said…
One grey hair in 50 YEARS?! Why didn't I get those genetics, huh?!!

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