Memorial Day

Gracious me! Where has the time gone?! I have an ongoing swirl of blog posts swimming in my head and then I realize I haven't actually sat down and written any of them. So in an attempt to update here, I checked my camera to see what I have been up to lately and this is what I found:

That's me with my awesome daughter-in-law and the ever adorable
Bailey and Norah.
Picnicking on the back lawn over Memorial Day weekend.
It was a spontaneous get-together made possible by
our living close enough that they can jump in the car and be here
in about two hours. I am a lucky Mom--and Nana!
Spencer and Adrianna came with them and we all had a good time.
These pictures are courtesy of Scott--I usually avoid being in pictures by being the
one behind the camera but in another spontaneous gesture, he grabbed the
camera and started snapping away.
 So here we are for posterity...
Sitting in the grass in Connecticut warmed by the sunshine and  the love of family.


Anna said…
Your hair and pants are fabulous!

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